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The purpose of this website is to provide information that will assist you in understanding your senior housing choices so you may make informed housing decisions.

One of the most important decisions older adults make is their choice of housing. There are a vast array of available options ranging from living independently in your own home without receiving any in-home support services to living in a nursing home and receiving total care.

Many seniors will want to stay in a cherished home for as long as possible but will make some changes to make it safer and more comfortable. Others will seek a group setting, where companionship and planned activities fill the day and where support services may be easier to obtain.

Housing appropriate for one older adult may be completely unacceptable for another. An older person who needs assistance may require a different type of housing than one who can live independently. What’s most important is matching, as closely as possible, housing and living arrangements with an older adult’s needs and desires.


If you are beginning to think about senior living options our website can help you

It helps to know beforehand that the terms for housing options for older adults can be very confusing. In some cases, no standard “vocabulary” clearly distinguishes one housing type from another.

An example is the term “Assisted Living.” There is not a standard definition for this term. In some states, where assisted living is not licensed or regulated, the term may be used very loosely. Facilities in these states may not provide the services usually associated with assisted living. In other states, the term is used to describe a specific type of housing option. Those investigating various housing options should make sure they have confirmed all the features and services offered by a provider.

It is similar with the terms "Senior Home", "Adult Foster Care" or "Adult Foster Care Home", "Board and Care Home" and the list goes on. It is important to understand the terms used commonly in your state before your search begins. We can help.

At Senior Home Search, we offer a convenient and free service for finding homes for seniors that are of a Small Setting - usually 6 residents and up to 20 residents. Most of these wonderful homes are owned and operated by individual family business and are regulated and overseen by state agencies. In short, homes that are an excellent option for Senior Care.


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Finding the right senior care home, or senior housing can get overwhelming at first, but having a better understanding of all the options of an Adult Foster Care home in your area, will make it easier and less stressful.

Senior Home Search will help.


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