A Guide to Senior Home Types by State

In your search for a place for yourself or a place for mom or dad to live, you are seeing so many different names and terms for various types of senior homes and senior living.

The different levels of care available today will depend on you or your loved one's needs, and various options, depending on a senior's health, age and financial status.

What is very important however, is that most if not every state in the U.S. has it's own definitions - descriptions and usually licensing requirements for senior living options. This is where we provide you with an important and useful resource for finding what your states options are.


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Note: These overviews are based on information from a variety of sources including those listed here. Although we deem all of the information on this site as reliable, it is in no way guaranteed. State laws and regulations regarding senior living and assisted living may be updated or changed frequently. We strive to keep this information up to date for you. Please notify us if you feel there are any errors on this site. Thank You.