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Address: Union Lake, Michigan, U.S.A.  


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A & R Premiere Care Phone 734-620-2297

A & R Premiere Care

A&R Premiere Care is a preferred living arrangement of most of the elderly, mentally ill and developmentally delayed that can no longer live independently. It is a adult foster care family home that provides daily assistance with personal care needs.

Nutritional meals are served in a family-like setting and medications are adminstered and monitored for safe use as ordered by doctor.

The house is located in a country setting that includes city water. Mr. and Mrs. Reddick are the owners and primary caregivers of the residents. Mrs. Reddick is a Registered Nurse.

Address: 12245 Allison Road, Milan, MI, 48160
Categories: Family Care Homes 1-6
Type: Adult Foster Care Home

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