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Overview of Small to Medium Sized Senior Homes as Licensed in the state of Arizona


What You Should Know About Assisted Living in Arizona


Arizona's Department of Health Services defines assisted living as residential care that provides continuous supervision, personal and directed care. It recognizes several types of AL communities based on scale or type:

  • Adult foster care homes provide care for up to four residents.

  • Assisted living homes provide care for up to 10 residents.

  • Assisted living centers provide care for 11 or more residents.


States Common Name(s) for

Residential Senior Care Homes 

 Adult Foster Care Homes (AFC)

 Assisted Living Homes (ALH)

 Assisted Living Centers (ALC) 

 Are Licensing or Legal Standards Required?


 How many Residents Accommodated?

 Care for one up to eleven or more residents depending on type home

 Typical Staff-to-Patient Ratio

 Varies according to home type

 Average Per Month Cost / Rate

 $2000.00 - $3500.00 or more per month. Also, move in cost in many cases.

 Is Nurse Staffing Typical?

 See Below

 How do Residents Typically Pay?

 Private Pay, Medicaid, Long Term Care Insurance,  Arizona Long Term Care System


Arizona Senior Care Home Definitions:

Adult Foster Care Homes (AFC) a residential setting that provides room and board and adult foster care services for at least one and no more than four adults.

Assisted Living Homes (ALH) an assisted living facility that provides resident rooms to ten or fewer residents.

Assisted Living Centers (ALC) an assisted living facility that provides resident rooms or residential units to eleven or more residents.


Arizona Medicaid Long Term Care Assistance

Arizona calls its Medicaid program the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS). However, the Medicaid office that serves elderly and disabled individuals with long term care needs is the Arizona Long Term Care System (ALTCS). And the program that serves this population is sometimes referred to as the Elderly & Physical Disability (E/PD) Program.

Instead of the Medicaid waiver system, which has participant enrollment caps, Arizona operates ALTCS differently than most states. Elderly and disabled residents are provided care, including nursing home care and home and community based services (HCBS), on a managed care model.


Arizona Long Term Care Services (ALTCS)

Residential Facilities Licensing

“The Bureau of Residential Facilities and Licensing licenses and regulates Residential Healthcare Facilities, including Assisted Living Centers/Homes and Behavioral Health Residential Facilities, along with Adult Day Health Care Facilities, Adult Foster Care Homes, Behavioral Health Respite Homes, and Behavioral Health Therapeutic Homes.”

See Link to Arizona Residential Facilities Licensing for more information.


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