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Overview of Small to Medium Sized Senior Homes as Licensed in the state of Alabama:

Source(s): Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH)


States Common Name for Residential Senior Care Homes?
  •  Adult Foster Care  - AFC
  • Congregate Assisted Living Facility
  • Family Assisted Living Facility
Licensing or Legal Standards Required?  Yes - Training and Drivers License, approved application. See below.
How many Residents Accommodated? N/A - See link to Alabama websites below.
Typical Staff-to-Patient Ratio?  Varies according to home type
Average Per Month Home Rate?

Range from $2500.00 - $7300.00 per month depending on location, amenities and services provided. Also, move in costs may apply.

Is Nurse Staffing Typical? Dependent upon licensing type
How do Residents Typically Pay? Private Pay, Possibly Medicaid, Long Term Care Insurance, Other


Assisted Living Facilities In Alabama are:

An individual, individuals, corporation, partnership, limited partnership, limited liability company or any other entity that provides, or offers to provide, residence and personal care to three or more individuals who are in need of assistance with activities of daily living.

The Alabama Department Of Human Resources is Alabama’s regulatory agency responsible for licensing and/or certifying health care facilities. Also the Division of Health Care Facilities and the Provider Services Unit. Following is from the Alabama state website:

An Introduction to Adult Foster Care and AFC Home Requirements In Alabama

Through hardships or circumstances beyond their control, quite a few adults find themselves in need of a “helping hand.” Some are elderly men and women whose families are unable or unavailable to care for them. Others may be elderly or disabled young adults living on their own and cannot care for themselves...

Who are Adults Needing Care?

These individuals are:

  • Adults (age 18 and older) who cannot live alone nor with their natural families due to risk of abuse, neglect or exploitation.
  • Adults without families of their own, or have families that are unable to care for them.
  • Handicapped or elderly victims of abuse, neglect or exploitation.
  • Adults that can live safely in a normal family home setting, but may require assistance or supervision with dressing, feeding, hygiene or other daily life activities.

Adult Foster Care Home Requirements In Alabama

  • Families or individuals interested in providing foster care for adults are subject to an approval process. The main requirement is to have the ability and desire to provide the type of care needed by the person served.
  • The following list will identify a few of the requirements for AFC providers:
  • The prospective FC provider must be 18 years or older
  • Must be able to read and write
  • Must have a valid Alabama driver’s license and liability insurance on the automobile. Must undergo training and receive the information necessary to prepare for a rewarding experience.
  • Must have a source of income other than that of the AFC client.
  • Work must not interfere with providing care for the client.
  • All household members must be willing to accept the AFC client
  • The home must have telephone access and adequate space for the client
  • Potential AFC provider must have a substitute care provider


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