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What is the Cost of Assisted Living Near Me?

The Cost Of Assisted Living And Senior Care

If you would like to know how much the different types of long term senior living costs you can be assured there is much information available.

According to one U.S. government source, the average cost of long term senior care and assisted living ranges from about $36,000 to around $72,000 per year. And in some cases the average can be over $250,000 per year. The average monthly cost of adult foster care and small senior homes in the U.S. is somewhat lower, roughly $2,500 a month to about $4,500 per month.  If you think that is a wide difference you are correct. Why such a big difference?

That’s easy to answer. It is because there are 50 states in the U.S. and probably about 100 different Kinds of Long Term Care, or senior homes and senior living, depending on the state. Each of those different kinds of senior living has a different cost associated with it. That’s right, the kind of care and where it takes place makes a big difference in the yearly, and of course monthly cost.


'The national median monthly rate for a one-bedroom unit in an assisted living facility is $4,300 per month’ according to the latest Cost of Care Survey released by Genworth Financial Inc. of Richmond, Virginia. That's $51,600 per year, an increase of about 50 percent over the year 2013.

And so the key to finding out ‘What is the Cost of Senior Home Living’ to you and your loved one is to have a good resource to help you. You will want to do the following:


1.   Identify the kind of Senior Home you are in need of.

2.   Determine which of those homes can provide the kind of care required.

3.   Locate homes that fit and are close and convenient to you and your family.


Once you have that information, you will have a good idea of the Cost of Senior Home Living for you and your loved one.


Best source for senior care and assisted living costs


What Are The Best Sources To Find What Senior Living Costs?

Senior Home Search is one of the Best Sources for helping you get this information. We offer information on thousands of small to medium sized Senior Care Homes across the U.S. in an easy to use format. Homes that are many times family owned and operated, fully state licensed, professionally staffed and very importantly, offer a family like home atmosphere.

There are literally dozens and dozens of web sites with “calculators” to get costs – and your name and phone number. There are web sites that pressure you to call an “800” number to talk to a sales person. But really, the best way is to use Senior Home Search to help you collect the information you need without the hassle. Contact Senior Care Home owners directly to find out what the Cost of Senior Home Living and Assisted Living really is.


Forms To Help You Search For The Best Senior Living

Using a Checklist when looking online or when visiting a home in person is important. A Checklist will help you ask all the right questions and get all the answers you need to make an informed decision.

Senior Home Search has put together a checklist for you to use. Have it with you when calling and visiting each home you are considering. It is very comprehensive and we hope you find it helpful.

There may be things on the list you did not think of and this will help you in your search. You can print out as many copies as you need to take with you when visiting each home. Get your copy now.




Find Senior Homes and Assisted Living Near You. Contact Homes Direct, No Middle Man

We list only small to medium sized Senior Living Homes. Adult Foster Care Homes, Board and Care Homes in each state.

  • We charge nothing to use this site to search for a home for you or a loved one.
  • We provide you with each Home Owner’s full Phone Number and Address.
  • Each listing provides a convenient Contact Form you may fill out which is sent for a quick response to your questions.
  • Each listing can be printed out or shared by email to assist you in your search.





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