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September is National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month


What's it all about and what can you do ?


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Feature Articles

  • Senior Home Options in Your State
    Senior Home Options in Your State Senior Homes - What are the Options in Your State In your search for a place for yourself or a place for mom or dad to live, you are seeing so many different names and terms for various types of senior homes and senior living. These terms and names have changed over the years and what we may have at one time called a 'Nursing Home' or 'Old Folks Home'…
  • Careers In Caregiving
    Careers In Caregiving Careers In Caregiving -How to Become a Professional Independent Caregiver.    Becoming a PAL (Personal Assistant for Living) or professional caregiver is a wonderful career path to chose. Not only will you be in great demand, you will also reap the rich rewards that come from truly helping others in a very personal and up front way. If you use the tools we present and develop a strong base you…
  • Why Use Senior Home Search ?
    Why Use Senior Home Search ? Our passion is providing the best information about Adult/Senior Family Care Homes as you search for a new residence for yourself or a loved one. These Adult Family Care Homes are just that - homes that provide small intimate settings with consistent caregivers that foster a family like atmosphere. Find The RightSenior Care Homefor Mom or Dad When looking for a new home for our own mother we chose one of…
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